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clinical trials

While the RLS Foundation does not conduct clinical trials, we do list clinical trial opportunities below and in our quarterly member newsletter, NightWalkers. If you are interested in participating in a study, please scroll down to contact the researcher listed below. Clinical trials are research studies that enlist volunteers to investigate specific health questions. When carefully conducted, they are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that actually work for people. When you volunteer for a restless legs syndrome (RLS) clinical trial, you explore emerging treatment options for yourself while actively contributing to the advancement of RLS research. If you are a researcher who would like to include your study in our listings, please contact us at All studies must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to qualify. There is no charge to publish a listing.

Current Clinical Trials

May 2018

Completed Suicide in Restless Legs Syndrome

Researchers at Yale University’s Department of Neurology, led by Dr. Brian Koo, are conducting a study to better understand the factors associated with completed suicide in RLS. Family members will communicate by telephone with Dr. Koo’s research team to complete a series of questionnaires that address the psychosocial and emotional state of their love one due to the burden of disease associated with RLS.

If you are aware of someone who had RLS, and committed suicide, please consider passing on this information to the family.

Contact: Dr. Brian Koo at or phone (203) 932-5711 ext. 5416.

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December 2017

New Drug Trial in Houston

Dr. William G. Ondo of Houston Methodist Neurological Institute is recruiting subjects for a drug trial of a new medicine to specifically treat RLS patient who are currently suffering from augmentation while still taking dopamine agonist medications.

Contact: and provide your name and phone number.

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December 2017

Opioid Use to Treat RLS

Dr. John Winkelman is building an RLS Opioid Registry based at Massachusetts General Hospital with patients from across the United States to assess the long-term safety and effectiveness of opioid medications for RLS.

How can you participate?

Contact: Julia Purks, (617) 643-2082 or email

Note: We will not be providing any consultation, advice about clinical care, or medication through this study.

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July 2017

A Clinical Trial of BioFe, Medical Food for the Dietary Management of Iron Deficiency

This study evaluates the safety, tolerability, and activity of BioFe in the dietary management of iron deficiency in adults.

Contact: Darren Wolfe, PhD, 412-352-2498,
Erin Kraus, RN, 513-544-5030,

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March 2016

Does your child have discomfort in their legs that may interfere with their sleep? Worldwide Clinical Trials is conducting research studies to test an investigational medication for the treatment of adolescent RLS.

Worldwide Clinical Trial

Contact: Camilla Alexander, (520) 252-1908,

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January 2013

Determining whether there are changes in the retinal structure of the eyes of individuals with RLS compared to individuals with Parkinson’s disease, multiple system atrophy, and healthy controls.

New York University Langone Medical Center

Contact: Dr. Jose Martinez,

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