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24 Winter


Board Member Spotlight: Marcia Ball, Does RLS Share Neuronal Mechanisms with Other 'Restless' Conditions?, RLS Advocacy Day: Empowering Change on Capitol Hill, RLS and Dementia due to Alzheimer's Disease, Knowledge is Poer: Navigating your RLS Journey

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Spring 2024 NW


The Medical Role of Opioids and Prescription Safety, Advisory Board Spotlight: James Connor, PhD, MS, Mechanisms That Can Cause Iron Deficiencies, Meet the RLS Foundation’s Newest Team Member, Dispelling RLS Myths, Unique RLS Coping Strategies

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Summer23 NW


Strengthening Our Community and Connections, Dopamine Medications and Impulse Control Disorders, Knowing You are Not Alone, Advisory Board Spotlight: Dr. Stefan Clemens, You Can Still Go to Harvard, SLEEP 2023: An Awareness and Education Opportunity

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Fall 23 NW

FALL 2023

Make Health and Wellness Your Priority, RLS Foundation Awards 50th Research Grant, BOD Spotlight: Dr. Jacquelyn Bainbridge, PharmD, Varicose Vein Treatment: Fact or Fiction?, National RLS Opioid Registry Update, Exercise and RLS Q&A By Katie Cederberg, PhD

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Spring 2023 NW


Good Sleep Hygiene, Should Cannabis be Considered an RLS Treatment?, Pack Your Bags and Join Us, Hope for a Better Cure, Can an Active Lifestyle Prevent or Improve RLS Symptoms?, Join the 'Great Chorus of Life and Joy'

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Help! I Think I Have Augmentation and Don't Know What to Do!, 3rd Annual Sleep Advocacy Forum, 2023 Research Grant Opportunity, The 'Opioid Issue' Still Needs Your Attention, RLS Patient Symptom Diary, Resolving to be Extraordinary

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Summer 2022


Survey Shows RLS Takes High Toll on Health, Very Little Sleep at SLEEP 2022, Why I Serve on the RLS Foundation Board, Is it Really: FDA Approved”?, Tending Our Garden, Food is Now My Only Medicine

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2022 Fall NW

FALL 2022

Iron, Diet and Management of Iron Levels, Looking Back 30 Years, My Experience with Iron Infusion, RLS Legend: Pickett Guthrie, Iron Questions Answered

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Spring 22 NightWalkers


Thirty Years of Service to the RLS Community, The New NIH Sleep Research Plan, RLS Augmentation: Potential New Therapy, Board Spotlight: Paul Rochester, My RLS Experience: Quite a Spectacle, National RLS Opioid Registry: A Four-Year Window into RLS

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Winter 22 NW Cover


The National Opioid Registry Reaches 4th Anniversary, In Memorium: Robert H. Waterman, Jr., Iron Treatment Shows Promise in Children with RLS or PLMD, Your Role in RLS Research, Advancing Science Through Brain Donation, Board Spotlight: Jeffrey Durmer, MD, PhD

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Fall 21 NightWalkers

FALL 2021

New Position Statement Declares that Sleep is Essential to Health, Augmentation Q&A, New RLS Medical Bulletin, 10 Steps Closer, New Administration Presents New Opportunities

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Summer 21 NightWalkers


The Management of Restless Legs Syndrome: An Updated Algorithm, The Rise and Fall of Dopamine Agonists, Restless Sleep Disorder: A Potential New Sleep Diagnosis, Conversations with RLS Physicians: COVID Heroes, The Buchfuhrers - Celebrating Father's Day as Doctor Team, Making Something to Heal Something

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Winter 2021 NW


Ekbom Award Wnners, RLS In the Workplace, Richard P. Allen Memorial Research Fund, Your First Doctor Visit for RLS, Hope on the Horizon

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Spring 2021


Member-Funded RLS Research Grant Program Becomes More Targeted, What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines, Magnesium and RLS, Sleep, Technology and RLS, Awareness and Advocacy Through Art, Inform Your Congressional Representatives About RLS

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Join the RLS 2020 Virtual Summit, Sept 23 is RLS Awareness Day, Reduce Stress During Anxious Times, National RLS Opioid Registry Update, Stay Involved and Connected During COVID-19

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FALL 2020

Support and Connection are Just a Click Away, RLS, COVID-19 and our Superpower, Is Kratom a safe treatment alternative, Can an Active Lifestyle Prevent or Improve RLS Symptoms, Keeping the RLS Community Together

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2020 Winter NW


2020 Federal Spending Package Supports RLS Research, Stepping Up for the RLS Foundation, Why Your Voice Matters, What to Eat with RLS, RLS and Disability Benefits, Q&A: Pathophysiology of RLS

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2020 Spring NW


Keep Medical Teams Informed - Hospitalization Checklist, New Patient Odyssey Survey on Quality of Life, Join us for the 2020 National RLS Patient Symposium, Yoga and RLS, The SIBO and RLS Connection, Considering Technology for Better Sleep

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2019 Summer NW


RLS Advocacy Day on Capital Hill, New Study on How Opioids Work for RLS, Comorbidities & RLS, Let's Make the World RLS AWARE, Impossible Burger: A Source of Iron?, Caregivers Make a Difference

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2019 Fall NW

FALL 2019

RLS Awareness Day 2019, Advocacy: What We've Achieved, RLS Linked to Higher Suicide Risk, What We Know about CBD, Coping Strategies Q&A, Is Melatonin Right for You?

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2019 Winter NW cover


Add Your Voice to RLS Advocacy, Speak up at RLS 'Day on the Hill' in DC on May 3, Opioid Action Alert: Provide Your Input by March 25, Nonmedication Strategies for RLS, A Support Group No Matter Where You are, Don't Let Augmentation Stop You in Your Tracks

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Meeting the Daily Challenges of RLS, Augmentation Treatment, Is Methadone Less Addictive Than Other Opioids?, Finding an RLS Provider, Travel, Work and School with RLS, Medical Canabis and RLS

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18 Summer NW


RLS Awareness Day Sept. 23, RLS Webinars for Healthcare Providers, Advancing Awareness in DC, Back to School with RLS, 9/29-30 RLS Patient Symposium, Popcorn and Other Nondrug RLS Treatments

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18 Fall NW

FALL 2018

Depression and RLS, 150 Attend RLS Patient Symposium, RLS and Insomnia? CBT-I May Help, Guided Meditation and RLS, Research: One Step Closer to RLS Model, Ask the Doctor

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2018 Winter Nightwalkers


New Research Identifies Adenosine Role in RLS, New Guidelines on Appropriate Use of Opioids, RLS Advocacy Update, Managing RLS Through Multitasking, We're All Part of The Solution.

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Spring 2018 NightWalkers


RLS Advocacy in Washington, New Guidelines for Iron Treatment, Attend the National RLS Symposium Sept. 29-30, Finding a Medical Provider, RLS Foundation Membership: Give the Gift!

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Foundation Funds Study on Opioids and RLS, 2017 Ekbom Award, RLS Awareness Day is Sept. 23!, Medical Cannabis and RLS, Is Nighttime Agitation Linked to RLS?, Technology and Your Sleep.

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Fall 2017 NightWalkers

FALL 2017

New Advocacy Initiative on Opioids for RLS, Awareness Day-Thank You, Sleeping with Technology, Disability Benefits & RLS, Mackenzie's Story, Art: Another Way to Cope

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Spring 2017 NightWalkers


Our First 25 Years, Testing a Treatment for Augmentation, RLS Training for Doctors Would Be Cost Effective, Augmentation Q&A, Surgery & RLS, New Course for Physician Assistants

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17 Winter


Help Keep Opioids an Option, New RLS Quality Care Center: Massachusetts General Hospital, Advocacy: Are You Available? RLS Medictions, Research: Developing a Model to Study RLS

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2016 Fall NightWalkers

FALL 2016

Welcome to the new!, Foundation Welcomes New Board Members, Social Media: Another way to Serve You, Opioids and RLS Q&A, Teens: Sleep for Success, Take our Survey

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2016 Summer


September 23 is RLS Awareness Day, RLS Booklet for Kids, Two New RLS Quality Care Centers, Bobbie Kittredge Receives Ekbom Award, Can Melatonin Help RLS?, RLS Mimics

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RLS and Augmentation, Video Highlights Common Drug Side Effect; Vanderbilt Certified as RLS Quality Care Center; New Scientific and Medical Advisory Board; Research Links RLS, Hypoxia, Blood Flow, Sleep Studies: What to Expect; Magnesium and RLS

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2016 Winter NightWalkers


Foundation Launches New Strategy for Research; Foundation Funds Study on Economic Evaluation of RLS; RLS Science Summit is 'Meeting of the Decade"; RLS Research Highlights; Avoiding Triggers Through Naturopathy; RLS Foundation Research Grant Program: 1997-2016

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2015 Fall NightWalkers

FALL 2015

Houston Methodist and Yale Join Quality Care Center Network; Study Finds Difference in Early- vs Late-Onset RLS; Foundation Awards Second Grant to Dr. Sergi Ferre; Stories of Augmentation; Homeopathic Medicine; Drug Holidays

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RLS Guide for Teens; Emory Joins RLS Quality Care Center Network; Partnering with Your Child's Healthcare Team; Foundation Funds Research on MEIS1 Gene; Drug Holiday Q&A; Art Therapy and RLS

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Research Shows H3 Receptor Antagonists have Potenital in RLS Treatment; RLS During Pregnancy and Lactation; RLS Triggers; St. John's Wort for RLS?; 2015 Webinar Series

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Stanford certified as WED/RLS Quality Care Center; Foundation Headquarters Moves to Austin, Texas; Medical Marijuana and WED/RLS; Massage Therapy: An Update; Pain and WED/RLS

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