RLSF Team with CA SGL

Here at the Foundation, we’re passionate about doing whatever we can to help people and families who are affected by restless legs syndrome (RLS). Maybe you are too? If so, we invite you to join our team as a volunteer!

We are a small organization doing big work, so there are always opportunities for you to get involved. Our staff is welcoming and eager to work with people who share our dedication to helping others.

Current Volunteer Needs:

  • Support Group Leader – create an RLS support group in your community. If you don’t see a support group meeting in your area, please consider starting one!
  • Support Contact – provide remote support (via email and phone) to others seeking guidance in dealing with RLS.
    • Two years’ experience as a support group leader is required to become a support contact.
  • Discussion Board Moderators - review the description and submit an application.

To sign up or inquire about any of these opportunities, contact Hillary Hurst at hillary@rls.org or (512) 366-9109.


Submit the support group leader volunteer application online:

Please submit the application by clicking here to open in a new window or filling out your information below: