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We have many ways to share your journey with the RLS community. Whether on video, on Facebook, on our blog or in NightWalkers; please contact us at You are not alone, and we have heard great feedback from our readers about the value they receive when they hear from others that share their experiences with this disease.

Here are just a few videos now playing on our YouTube Channel

My RLS Journey: Starla's Story

Starla challenges others to raise RLS awareness through the arts.

My RLS Journey: Lew's Story

Lew discusses his RLS symptoms and other facets of this often misunderstood disease.

My RLS Journey: Stephen’s Story

Stephen discusses his passion for running while coping with RLS.

My RLS Journey: Peter’s Story

Peter discusses his struggles with his severe case of RLS, and how the Foundation has impacted his life.

My RLS Journey: Caroline's Story

Caroline discusses her RLS journey, the challenges of augmentation and the importance of medication.