Meet the team

Karla Dzienkowski

Karla Dzienkowski, RN, BSN
Executive Director

In January 2014, Karla accepted the position of executive director. In two and a half short years she has made a huge impact on the organization. Karla first learned about RLS in her dual roles as a mother and registered nurse when her daughter, then 11 1/2 years old, began to experience symptoms that doctors could not explain. Karla crossed the country looking for answers before finally finding a knowledgeable doctor, and shortly after, the RLS Foundation. Eager for answers, Karla joined the Foundation's Board of Directors in 2004 and served through 2009. As a board member, she encouraged pediatric RLS research, along with programs to increase awareness and education of RLS in the medical and school communities. Karla believes that much work has yet to be done in disseminating information about RLS to the public and the medical community, and that much more research into its cause and treatment is needed. Karla drives the mission of the Foundation with her leadership, and she is passionate about promoting research for better treatments and a cure.

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Faith Duncan
Membership Coordinator

When calls come in to the Foundation with questions, concerns or requests, they are answered with a friendly voice ready to help. Faith has fielded any number of calls ranging from despair about this often debilitating disease, to requests from volunteers wanting to share knowledge with others in their community. Faith put aside a career as an engineer to be a stay at home mom for many years. She became an active member of a non-profit where she served on the Board of Directors at the National Charity League, Inc., Capital of Texas Chapter, a mother-daughter service organization. Now an empty-nester, Faith has embraced her position as Member Services Coordinator and tackled some difficult software and processes with her very analytical, engineering approach and problem-solving abilities!

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Clara Schlemeyer

Clara Schlemeyer
Program Coordinator

Clara joined the Foundation in 2017, first as an administrative assistant while finishing her degree, then joining the team full time as the program coordinator. Clara manages our volunteer programs, coordinates our webinar series, and is responsible for coordinating our presence on social media. Clara is a Texas Tech University graduate, with a degree in public relations. Clara has extensive experience with volunteering and non-profit organizations. During her six years in National Charity League, Inc., a mother-daughter service organization, she was recognized as the senior with the most volunteer hours worked, over 500! She is a native Austinite, and a proud Texan! She spent most of her childhood summers as a camper and later a counselor at Prude Ranch in West Texas. The only thing she loves more than Texas is her dog, Watson.

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Kathy Dzienkowski

Kathy Dzienkowski
Administrative Assistant

Kathy has taken on the role of administrative assistant and in her short time at the Foundation, mastered the art of wearing many hats! Kathy earned a degree in environmental science. She spent a college semester conducting environmental research throughout the western US, and recently spent a year teaching kindergarten in New York City - an entirely different environment from her Texas upbringing! Kathy's nonprofit experience in the National Charity League, Inc. and Upper Valley of New Hampshire make her a perfect fit for this position. For Kathy, serving the RLS Foundation also has personal meaning; her older sister has had RLS since childhood. Kathy brings her sense of caring and kindness to our team, as well as her keen spirit of adventure.

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