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Are you or is someone you know affected by restless legs syndrome (RLS)? Do you work with RLS patients as a healthcare provider or a researcher? Whatever your connection to RLS may be, we invite you to get involved with the RLS Foundation and take part in raising awareness and research funds for this common, often misunderstood disease.

Through our programs, educational outreach and support services, the RLS Foundation offers many opportunities to make a difference for the RLS community.

Giving to the RLS Foundation

The RLS Foundation is funded primarily by memberships, individual donations and grants. Your generosity is what makes our work possible, and it is the reason why we’ve been able to provide nearly $1.6 million in competitive research grants for the study of RLS since 1997. There are different ways you can give to the RLS Foundation and help drive this work forward.

Education & Resources

We’re proud to offer extensive resources for patients and healthcare providers to help increase their knowledge and understanding of RLS and how to treat cases ranging from mild to severe.

From the publications and archives in our Member Portal to our monthly webinars, our goal is to raise awareness, improve people’s lives and, through research, find a cure.

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Community & Conversion

If you have RLS, you are not alone. Support groups exist all over the world, bringing patients and families together to share their experiences and coping strategies.

Learn more about how to find or start a support group in your area.

With thousands of active contributors, the RLS Foundation discussion board is an excellent place to ask questions, get answers and confer with others in a supportive, encouraging environment. Registration is quick, easy and free! Join the discussion by signing up today.


Are you passionate about increasing awareness and finding a cure for RLS? Join the RLS Foundation team as a volunteer! As a small organization doing big work, we are always on the lookout for individuals who can lend a hand. Learn more about our current volunteer needs or contact Kaleigh with your questions at or (512) 366-9109.