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2024 Research Grant Opportunity

The RLS Foundation has a new funding opportunity for projects that promote research to understand RLS. For this new round of funding, the primary research priorities are:

  1. Neurobiological interaction: Elucidate the points of interaction between RLS-relevant neurotransmitters, neuronal pathways, and iron deficiency
  2. Pharmacologic treatments: Elucidate effects of novel pharmacological approaches on RLS.
  3. Clinical Practice: research based on innovations in patient care delivery including but not limited to population health programs, technology-enabled healthcare delivery (i.e.; telemedicine) and public health initiatives
  4. Other topics: Other research areas accepted for funding consideration.

Additional information about the grant process and its past awardees is available at:

The Foundation will begin accepting a letter of intent (LOI) for each of these research directions and as outlined in the guidelines beginning on December 8, 2023, until January 26, 2024.

The Research Grant Committee will review all submissions and extend invitations for full proposals. The link to submit full proposals will be included in the letter of invitation, and the deadline for the full proposal submission is April 5, 2024.