5 Reasons to Join the Foundation

1. Many hands make light work. Your membership dues of $40 per year may seem modest, but when pooled with gifts from thousands of other individuals, the impact is mighty!

2. Your gift will help support programs like RLS Quality Care Centers, a network of healthcare providers who are experts in the field.

3. You will receive a subscription to the quarterly NightWalkers magazine and gain access to the Members Only Resource Center on www.rls.org.

4. You will be supporting education of patients and healthcare providers with a wealth of reliable information that has been developed by medical experts.

5. Your one small act of generosity will help others! The RLS Foundation works tirelessly to promote education, better treatments and, through research, a cure for RLS.

As a new member, you will also receive:

  • NightWalkers, our quarterly magazine highlighting the latest research advances and treatments (delivered electronically to international members)
  • A copy of our current RLS Medical Bulletin—the most comprehensive resource on RLS—to give to your healthcare provider
  • A medical alert card to carry in your wallet in the event of an emergency
  • A special accommodations card for use when traveling
  • The strength, knowledge and hope from working together with thousands of others who live with RLS