Brain Bank


The study of human brain tissue has increased our understanding of how the nervous system functions. Postmortem human brain research has played a significant role in the development of a genetic test for Huntington’s disease and a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. However, studies focused on RLS needed both an appropriate repository and tissue donors in order to make significant progress.

RLS Foundation Brain Bank

In 2000, the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation established the RLS Foundation Brain Bank at the Harvard Brain and Tissue Resource Center. A part of the Harvard University medical system, the Center (housed at McLean Hospital and commonly referred to as The Brain Bank) began in 1978 as a centralized resource for the collection and distribution of human brain specimens for research and diagnostic studies. In support of the RLS Foundation goal to find a cure for restless legs syndrome, many of our Foundation members have participated in this very valuable research. Over the years, scientists from the nation's top research and medical centers have requested tissue from The Brain Bank for their investigations. For more information, please call 1.800.BRAIN.BANK.