Physician Education RLS Webinar Series

Sleep and Technology

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"RLS, Sleep and Technology in the Bedroom" featuring Dr. Jeffrey S. Durmber on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

The following webinars are designed to educate healthcare professionals about restless legs syndrome: how to recognize and diagnose RLS, treatment options and common side effects, comorbidities and complexities, and much more. These webinars are offered exclusively to licensed healthcare providers, these are not intended for patients. If you are a patient, please print this schedule and encourage your healthcare provider to attend!


*ON DEMANDRLS Diagnosis and Treatment Overview, Shalini Paruthi, MD

*ON DEMANDDopamine Agonists, Impulse Control Disorder and RLS Augmentation, Mark Buchfuhrer, MD

*ON DEMANDAugmentation Treatment and Alpha-2-Delta Drugs, Mark Buchfuhrer, MD

*ON DEMANDAugmentation: Treatment of Challenging RLS Cases, Christopher J. Earley, MB, BCh, PhD, FRCPI

*ON DEMANDRLS & Iron: New Recommendations, Christopher J. Earley, MB, BCh, PhD, FRCPI

*ON DEMANDRLS Comorbidities and Management, William Ondo, MD

ON DEMANDRLS, PLMS and Cardiovascular Implications, Brian Koo, MD

ON DEMANDThe Genetics of RLS, Lynn Marie Trotti, MD, MSc

ON DEMANDComplexity and New Directions in Pediatric RLS, Shalini Paruthi, MD

ON DEMANDRLS and Depression, John W. Winkelman, MD, PhD

ON DEMANDRLS in the Surgical Patient: Management Considerations, William G. Ondo, MD

September 11, 2019RLS, Sleep, and Technology in the Bedroom, Jeffrey S. Durmer, MD, PhD

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