2020 RLS Virtual Patient Summit

Virtual SummitJoin us for a full day of rls education and interaction

Saturday, Oct 17 we will gather RLS experts—physicians treating RLS, researchers working to unlock RLS mysteries, patients coping with RLS and staff at the RLS Foundation working every day to support you on your RLS journey. We will discuss all aspects of RLS, from diagnosis, pathophysiology, treatments and medications, alternative therapies, support resources, research and more.

We'll update you on our advocacy efforts over the past three years. You'll find out how to get involved and make your case with legislators when they are making policy decisions that affect your quality of life with this disease. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions in a live Q&A session with a panel of RLS experts at the end of the day.

You will come away better informed about RLS and the great strides being made in research to find better treatments. You'll become better informed about practical adaptations you can make to best cope with the disease. And we think you'll be even more inspired to advocate for yourself, learn and explore resources available to you, and not let RLS stand in the way as you live your best life.

We will be using two apps to bring this summit into your home. Zoom, a free app for your computer, tablet or smart phone, will enable you to see and hear our speakers. In an effort to increase your networking opportunities, we will be also be using Whova, also a free app for your computer, phone or tablet. Please download the Whova app after you register so that you can respond to live poll questions during sessions, join in online discussions with others before, during and after the summit, and submit your questions to be answered during the Q&A session.

We encourage you to invite your partner or family members to sit in with you, because RLS is a family disease.