RLS Patient Odyssey Survey II Opens September 23

WHY an RLS Patient Odyssey SURVEY?

The first “Patient Odyssey” survey, conducted by the RLS Foundation and sponsored by XenoPort, Inc., was designed to measure how RLS impacts daily living, both from the perspective of patients as well as spouses/partners, including treatment considerations, emotional well-being, relationships and lifestyle. By assessing the findings, RLS Foundation is able to develop new tools to support patients, partners/spouses and physicians as they work together to achieve long-term disease management. The survey findings provide insight that helps the Foundation educate the medical community and the general public about RLS. Conducted for one month in October 2013, the survey was completed by more than 1600 adult patients (70% women; 30% men) and more than 670 adult spouses/partners (65% men; 35% women). Here is a summary of those results:

Download the poster to distribute to others. Check back on September 23—RLS Awareness Day—to complete the survey online.

PO2 poster