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rls in children
Restless legs syndrome or RLS, doesn't only affect adults. As this neurological condition has a genetic component, it can be hereditary. Some symptoms may arise early in life. It is on behalf of the youth living with RLS we dedicate this page.

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Watch and share a youtube video on What is WED/RLS.

How do children describe their RLS symptoms? See images below from our 2010 children's drawing contest. Please remember all pictures are copyrighted by the RLS Foundation. Please contact us for potential use of these photos.

Age Group: 1-7 years

 Nayalee - 5

Description of drawing:

I have bees crawling on my feet and legs and it itches so much. And in school I can't stay still. And I am always tired and sleepy, daydreaming. And I cry because teacher and kids are mean to me and laugh about me.





Age Group: 8-12

Joseph - 9

Description of drawing:

My drawing shows me fighting with my squirmy legs. And I know I can never win!






Diamond - 11

Description of drawing:

Walking home from school, legs hurting and tingling. Thinking about legs bothering me all night.





Age Group: 13-17 

Aleesha - 13

Description of drawing:

It feels like I need to stretch my legs. My drawing is showing me being stretched out by ropes because I feel like I need to stretch my legs whenever I go to bed or if it's late. 





Kennedy - 15

Description of drawing:

When I get RLS pain it is deep to the bone. It feels to me like my bones are being twisted around and I can't move my legs. My picture shows me behind an X-ray to see my bones. 





Honorable Mention:

Jacob - 9

Description of drawing:

Bugs crawling in my legs.






Sarah - 10

Description of drawing:

What I drew was saying that my top part of my body is relaxed and calm, but the bottom wants to run really bad.