Board of Directors

The Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED) Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for setting organizational goals and priorities, monitoring fiscal status and planning for the Foundation’s future.

2014 Board of Directors 

  • Jacquelyn (Jacci) Bainbridge, PharmD, Chair
    Englewood, Colorado

  • Michael Brownstein, MD, PhD
    Rockville, Maryland

  • Régis Langelier, PhD, Treasurer
    Ocean Park, Maine

  • Kathy Page 
    Smithton, Missouri

  • Lewis Phelps 
    Pasadena, Californina

  • Matthew A. Picchietti
    Carbondale, Illinois

  • James Schaeffer
    San Diego, California
  • Robert (Bob) H. Waterman, Jr.
    Hillsborough, California

2012 Board of Directors

Board of Director's Meeting in Chicago, IL in April 2012

Interested in joining the board of directors? Please contact us at and we will pass your name along to the board nominating committee.