RLS Foundation Advisory Boards 

Medical Advisory Board

The Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring medical issues, reviewing medical content of all Foundation publications, and advising the Board of Directors on issues of medical interest and importance.

  • Birgit Högl, MD (Innsbruck Medical University; Austria), Chair
  • Diego Garcia-Borreguero, MD, PhD (Sleep Research Institute; Madrid, Spain)
  • Jennifer G. Hensley, EdD, CNM, WHNP (University of Colorado Denver; Aurora, CO)
  • Suresh Kotagal, M.D. (Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN)
  • Clete A. Kushida, MD, PhD, RPSGT (Stanford Sleep Medical Center; Redwood City, CA)
  • Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD (Sleep and Epilepsy Center, Civical Hospital Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland)
  • William Ondo, MD (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; Houston, TX)
  • Daniel L. Picchietti, MD (University of Illinois College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign and Carle Foundation Hospital; Urbana, IL)
  • Abdul Qayyum Rana, MD, FRCPC, FRCPC-Edin (HON) (Director, Parkinson's Clinic of Eastern Toronto & Movement Disorders Center; Toronto, Canada)
  • Michael H. Silber, MB, ChB (Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN)
  • Lynn Marie Trotti, MD, MSc (Emory Sleep Center; Atlanta, GA)
  • Arthur S. Walters, MD (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Nashville, TN)
  • John W. Winkelman, MD, PhD (Harvard Medical School; Boston, MA)

Scientific Advisory Board

The Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring scientific/research issues, reviewing research grant applications, and advising the Board of Directors on issues of scientific interest and importance.

  • James R. Connor, PhD, M.S, Chair (Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine)
  • Michael Aschner, MD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN)
  • Marie-Francoise Chesselet, MD, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Christopher J. Earley, MBBCh, PhD (Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD)
  • Emmanuel J. Mignot, MD, PhD (Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA)
  • Claudia Trenkwalder, MD (University of Gottingen, Germany)
  • George Uhl, MD, PhD (Molecular Neurobiology Research Branch, Baltimore, MD)